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  1. Hiya– just by way of general info– there was a Les Houghton who owned a chip shop on the corner of Lyon St. in Garston Liverpool during the 1950’s-1960’s. Don’t recall his wife’s name but they had a daughter named Doris who I think emigrate to the States– was it Canton? Ohio

    1. I lived in Lyon Street till i got married at the age of 22, Les inherited the shop from his parents think his wifes name was Doris i dont think his daughter went to live in the US , i do know she was living in Runcorn . Les done a stint in the liverpool fire brigade

  2. My father was Eric John Houghton. He was born (1919)and raised in Galt (Cambridge ) Ontario Canada His parents were Lorne Houghton and Elizabeth Reid. I believe my grandfather’s family came from England but we don’t know exactly where. My grandfather had a number of brothers and sisters. I do have their names and pictures of them but not right at hand this moment. I would be very interested in whether there is any connection in our family to your research. If you would like any further information about the Houghtons from Galt let me know. By the way we pronounce our name as (How ton)


    1. Hi Diane, I presume that Lorne was born in Canada as I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that name in my research. I’d be happy to check for any English connection but if he was born in Canada I would need something more to go on, such his parents details. Do you have Lorne’s birth certificate?

  3. Hi John

    I have enjoyed you information on this site. My mother is the daughter of Mary Alice Houghton who was the younger sister of Beatrice Houghton and her brothers and sisters born 1912. We live in Runcorn. My mother has told me much of what you have told on here, especially regarding Wilfred whom she has many fond memories of as a small child that he used to sing to her and had a wonderful voice “just like Mario Lanza”. Also the fact that Beattie as she called lived with them for a while when she was a child. I had just started to look in to the Houghton line you have saved me a lot of work thank you.

    1. Hi Angela,

      I’m glad the information here has helped and I’m especially pleased to hear about the memories your mother had of Wilf, it was such a sad story. I wasn’t aware that there was a Mary Alice in that family but there were some long gaps between some of the children so it doesn’t surprise me. I’ll send you a private message to discuss further. Regards, John

  4. Hi John

    I replied to your email if you have not received it please check your junk mail as that is I found yours.

    Regards Angela

  5. John

    I am the compiler of the Houghton Surname Project in the USA and of the Houghton DNA Project.
    I would love to see any English Houghton volunteers for a combined Houghton DNA project. The American Houghtons have always
    assumed that the Ralph and John Houghton of Lancaster, MA, USA (circa 1650) were English emigrants, but there has been
    no convincing documentary evidence of this connection. I started the Houghton DNA Project (now with 50 volunteer contributors) as an attempt to discover if Ralph and John were cousins; in fact they were unrelated. If you know of any English Houghton males (including yourself) who might be interested in creating a combined English-American DNA project, that could be a start.
    Hoping to hear

    Charles J. Vella

  6. Hi John,

    You listed one of your sources as ““Graveyard at St Luke’s church, Farnworth, Widnes”. Do you have a reference number for it? I can’t find the booklet on any online library catalogues. I possibly have a Robinson ancestor buried at st. Luke’s in Widnes.

    1. Hi Richard, If I remember correctly this was a slim typewritten booklet which I veiwed in the library at Widnes over twenty years ago. I’ve searched the Halton Libraries catalogue and I believe the full details of the publication are: “The Gravestone Inscriptions of St Lukes Church Farnworth” by A.L. Weir, 1990. Regards, John

  7. Hi John,

    A couple of years ago when I looked at your site, you had information about some Cartmells. Is that information still available?


    Art Cartmell

    1. Hi Art,

      I still have the information but I haven’t updated it since it was on my previous site and I haven’t copied it over to the new site, partly due to family sensitivites following a separation…

      I’d be happy to send you the information I have if that helps.

      Regards, John

  8. Hi my name is Stuart Clark, i live in Adelaide South Australia. My Grandmother was Edna May Houghton (20/4/1921) daughter of Frederick Houghton (1877-1922) and Elizabeth Houghton (Pilling) & Derby Row Newton-le-Willows. From the cenus online i know Frederick was the son of Hannah Houghton, duaghter of George and Margaret Houghton. From i have discovered George was the son of John Houghton (1785-1835) and Ann Houghton (Anderton) (died 14/9/1867).

    If anyone would like to get in contact with me please, i would love to hear from anyone.

  9. My name is Stuart Clark from Adelaide South Australia. I am the grandson of Edna May Brown (Houghton) (dob 20/4/1921) of 5 Derby Row Newton le Willows. Her parents were Frederick Houghton and Elizabeth Houghton (Pilling). Frederick’s mother was Hannah Houghton. Hannah’s parents were George and Margaret Houghton. From this website I believe George’s parents were John and Ann Houghton.

    Frederick’s burial is recorded at Newton cemetery 26/8/1922 age 42. Elizabeth burial is recorded as 19/2/1938 Winwick Hospital / Asylum. She died or was admitted to the hospital due to a sstroke. I have no record of a burial.

    I have hearsay that Frederick died of a railway accident. I also have hearsay he worked at the Vulcan Foundry.

    I have a possible marriage of Frederick and Elizabeth St Peter’s Newton 1907.

    If anyone has any details I would greatly appreciate it.

  10. Is this site still being updated.

    Trying to help my Grandma out with info about her Grandma, Alice Houghton (1872), Widnes, would love to see a family tree and see where it fits.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes I still update the site when I get new information.

      Although I don’t have an Alice Houghton in my Houghton tree, I’d be happy to see if I can find out any more about your Alice for you if you can give me more details about her and any of her relatives you know about.

  11. I am descended from a Hannah Houghton, who wed James Hardy in 1796, at the church of St John, Clerkenwell, Middlesex [London]. She died in 1835. On the 1841 census with the family, is an Alice Houghton, aunt, born Liverpool. There are family papers relating to a John Houghton ‘from Prescot’ who died in Clerkenwell in 1833, aged 68 or 71, depending upon which source of information you look at. On the burial record it describes his abode as ‘Sutton’ which is in Lancashire near Prescot.

    There are a number of Houghton records [baptisms] in the Prescot/Lancashire area which could be one of the above people.

    I wondered if you or any other reader of this site had come across them.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi John. I would be interested to receive any further information you have on Samuel Houghton and any photos. (I am researching England rugby players for a book). Many thanks.

  13. Hello.
    I was pleased to come across your site as I too research Lancashire genealogical roots, Shakespeare and 16th -17th Century history, general and local.
    I would be delighted to exchange any mutually interesting information, though being no computer expert, a lot is in my head!
    An ancestor of my surname married a 16th Century Hoghton , whose daughter is connected to early colonial settlements in America etc.
    My interests have me making frequent trips to Liverpool ,exploring long-time Lancashire Roots. Historical Lancashire family names connected to my research are Skillicorn, Hesketh. Hoghton. Moore. Stanley. Rygmaiden. Langton. Good old Lancs families to keep history of huge interest and delight , to me.

    1. Hi Janette, Many thanks for your post. If you have early Ho(u)ghton ancestors who went to America, are you familiar Charlie Vella’s work on this topic? ( Another source of information is the Hoghton Genealogy community on Wikitree (

      If you have any interesting Houghton-related facts/anecdotes you’d like to share, I’d be happy to consider adding them to the site. All the best, John

  14. Hi John,
    I am finding your blog once again as the 1921 census has been released. I believe that the James Houghton (the brother of your grandfather) could be my great-grandfather or at least the first husband of my great-grandmother. However, I am finding it hard to locate any information about his life other than his marriage certificate. I was wondering if you may know anything at all about him.

    I appreciate that this is a long-shot but anything would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Chantelle,

      I was looking into James’ marriages a few months ago and did manage to find some interesting information that I’d be happy to share. I will email you to discuss what I know. Regards, John

  15. My Grandmother was Ethel Houghton sister in law although to young too have met them ,my mother and great aunt told me all about the Egerton Arms.I was amazed to learn about Samuel and his rugby career

  16. I am researching the Irish Guards in the Battle of Geel September 1944 and when I searched under Geel cemetery found your story about Wilfred Houghton. You might be interested to know that an 80th anniversary commemoration is planned for the liberation of Geel at the CWGC Cemetery on September 21st. Please email me for more details.

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for getting in touch and for letting me know about the commemoration in September. I would be interested to learn more about your research into the Irish Guards and the engagements they took part in (particularly any involving the 3rd Battalion) in the lead up to the action in which my great-uncle Wilfred died in September 1944. There is a video on YouTube with some archive footage of the Guards in the run up to Operation Market Garden which may be of interest:

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