Notable Houghtons

Some of the better known Houghtons who came from Lancashire and Cheshire. As far as I know, I’m not related to any of them:


1. The HO(U)GHTONs of Hoghton Tower

Said to be one of the oldest families in England.

2. Stanley HOUGHTON (1881 – 1913), playwright

Born William Stanley HOUGHTON, he’s best know for his gritty portrayal of Lancashire mill workers, Hindle Wakes.

3. Samuel HOUGHTON (1870 – 1920), rugby player

Sam played for England, Cheshire and Runcorn.

4. Rev. John HOUGHTON (1858 – 1886), Methodist Missionary

The Reverend John HOUGHTON was a Methodist minister who volunteered for missionary work in East Africa. He and his wife Annie became known as the “Martyrs of Golbanti” following their death at the hands of Masai warriors in Golbanti, Kenya in 1886,  I would like to thank Rev. Sammy Karanja, who is in charge of the Lower Tana Methodist circuit of the church in Kenya, for providing me with the background to John’s life and work.

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  1. There is a possibility that we are distantly related and I am an up and coming athlete in Scotland so maybe I could possibly in the future be a notable Houghton

    1. Hi June, Thanks for your message. If there’s anything more you’d like to share regarding you father’s achievements, I’d be happy to post it here. Regards, John

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