Ashton in Makerfield

The Registers of Ashton-in-Makerfield


Transcribed by John R. Bulmer and published by the Lancashire Parish Regsiter Society

Volume 141 – Baptisms 1810 -1827, Burials 1806 – 1844 (ISBN 1 85445 135 9)
Volume 142 – Baptisms 1828 -1873, (ISBN 1 85445 136 7)

These baptism records are of particular interest as up to the year 1837, they include information on the seniority of the child. i.e. 5th child, 3rd daughter of…

Baptisms 1810-1873 (PDF, 86 KB)


14 Jan 1810Thomas 2nd c. & 1st s.John LITHERLAND of Haydock, collier & Catherine d. of Margery HOUGHTON26 Dec
27 May 1810Mary 8th c. & 3rd d.John HOUGHTON of Haydock, collier & Mary d. of Ralph and Betty LOWE27 Apr
30 Jul 1810Jane 4th c. & 3rd d.Zachary [BIRCHAL]L of Ashton, labourer & Esther d. of Thomas and Ellen HOUGHTON8 Jul
23 Dec 1810William 1st c.& illeg s.Joseph STRONG of Ashton, nailor & Ellen d. of John and Betty HOUGHTON4 Dec
26 May 1811Margaret 9th c. & 3rd d.John HOUGHTON of Haydock, collier & Mary d. of Ralph and Betty LOWE18 Apr
5 Jan 1812Betty 3rd c.& 2nd d.John LITHERLAND of Haydock, collier & Catherine d. of Margaret HOUGHTON13 Dec
11 Oct 1812Jane 7th c. & 5th d.William HOUGHTON of Ashton, weaver & Mary d. of William and Mary HOPE24 Aug
18 Oct 1812Ellen 3rd c. & 3rd d.Zachariah [Zachary] [BIRCHAL]L of Ashton, collier & Esther d. of Thomas and Ellen HOUGHTON26 Sep
15 Jan 1815Elizabeth 3rd c. & 2nd d.George & Sarah HOUGHTON of AshtonShoemaker6 Jan
26 Nov 1815Hannah 10th c.& 5th d.John & Mary HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier17 Oct
14 Dec 1817John 1st c. & 1st s.John & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier20 Nov
7 Jun 1818Henry 1st illeg c. & 1st s.Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Ashton, spinster30 Apr
28 Nov 1819William 9th c. & 4th s.William & Mary HOUGHTON of AshtonWeaver7 Sep
14 May 1820Thomas 2nd c. & 2nd s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier15 Apr
22 Oct 1820Catherine 1st c. & 1st d.Henry & Margt. HOUGHTON of AshtonCollier14 Sep
1 Jul 1821Ellen 1st c. & 1st d.James & Jane HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier26 May
18 Nov 1821Martha 2nd illeg. c. & 1st d.Betty HOUGHTON of Ashton, spinster3 Oct
16 Jun 1822James 3rd c. & 3rd s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier18 May
2 Nov 1823John 2nd c. & 1st s.Henry & Margaret HOUGHTON of AshtonCollier8 Oct
16 Nov 1823Betty 2nd c. & 2nd d.James & Jane HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier18 Sep
18 Apr 1824Mary 4th c. & 1st d.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier30 Mar
6 Jul 1825James 1st c. & 1st s.William & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier12 Jun
8 Jan 1826Esther 3rd c. & 2nd d.Henry & Margaret HOUGHTON of Seneley Green, AshtonCollier21 Dec
18 Feb 1827Elizabeth 5th c. & 2nd d.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonCollier26 Jan
29 Apr 1827Mary 1st c. & 1st d.John & Ellen HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier2 Apr
20 Dec 1827Henry 6th c. & 4th s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonInnkeeper19 Dec
15 Jan 1828Joseph 1st illeg. c. & s.Anne HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonWeaver13 Jan
1 Jun 1828Ellen 2nd c. & 1st d.William & Jane HOUGHTON of Edleston Lane, AshtonGamekeeper18 Apr
7 Dec 1828Henry 4th c. & 2nd s.Henry & Margaret HOUGHTON of Seneley Green, AshtonCollier3 Dec
25 Dec 1829Joseph 7th c. & 5th s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonVictualler30 Nov
31 Dec 1829George 1st illeg. c. & 1st s.Jane HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonWeaver30 Dec
18 Jul 1830William 1st c.& 1st s.William & Catherine HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonOrganist23 Jun
12 Nov 1830John 1st c. & 1st s.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Seneley Green, AshtonLabourer11 Nov
11 Mar 1832Ellen 8th c. & 3rd d.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonVictualler13 Feb
17 Jun 1832William 2nd c. & 2nd s.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Strange Lane, AshtonHusbandman31 May
11 Mar 1834James 3rd c. & 3rd s.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Strange Lane, AshtonLabourer11 Mar
13 Apr 1834Ralph 9th c. & 6th s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonVictualler18 Mar
11 May 1834Samuel 2nd c. & 2nd s.William & Catherine HOUGHTON of Peggy's Lane, AshtonOrganist14 Apr
13 Mar 1836John 4th c. & 4th s.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Strange Lane, AshtonLabourer8 Feb
24 Mar 1836Elizabeth Maria 3rd c. & 1st d.William & Catherine HAUGHTON of Peggy's Lane, AshtonOrganist8 Feb
12 Mar 1837William 10th c. & 7th s.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonVictualler10 Feb
12 Aug 1838Mary 4th c. & 1st d.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Strange Lane, AshtonBrowman14 Jul
3 Feb 1839Nancy 11th c. & 4th d.Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON of Edge Green, AshtonVictualler8 Dec
29 Sep 1839John 2nd c. & 2nd s.William & Mary HOUGHTON of Robinson Lane, AshtonCollier1 Sep
25 Sep 1842Ellen 1st c. & 1st d.Thomas & Elisabeth HOUGHTON of Platt Bridge, HindleyShoemaker24 Aug
10 Sep 1843William 1st c & s.Edward & Ellen HOUGHTON of Lowton Common, LowtonWeaver12 Jun
16 Jun 1846Anne 7th c. & 3rd d.Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON of Steam Engine AshtonBrowman16 Jun
3 May 1858Jane 2nd c. & 2nd d.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonFile cutter1 May
16 Jan 1859Henry 2nd c. & 1st s.Henry & Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Seneley Green, AshtonNail maker29 Dec
25 May 1860Saul Hayes 2nd c. & 1st s.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Mill Lane, AshtonFile cutter24 May
19 Aug 1862Mary Elizabeth 3rd c. & 2nd d.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Mill Lane, AshtonFile cutter9 Aug
5 Apr 1863Anne 2nd c. & 1st d.John & Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Seneley Green, AshtonCollier6 Mar
24 May 1863William 4th c. & 3rd s.Lewis & Margaret HOUGHTON of Carr Mill, AshtonLabourer24 Mar
16 Jul 1864Harriet 4th c. & 3rd d.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Mill Lane, AshtonFile cutter10 Jul
14 Aug 1864Martha 1st c. & d.William & Margaret HOUGHTON of Simms Lane end, AshtonPit labourer14 Aug
7 May 1865Elizabeth 3rd c. & 2nd d.John & Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Lower Lane, AshtonLabourer16 Apr
3 Sep 1865James (blank)Lewis & Margaret HOUGHTON of Copper House Row, Black Brook, Haydock St JamesLabourer15 Jul
21 Apr 1867Peter 5th c. & 2nd s.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Mill Lane, AshtonFile cutter6 Mar
2 Feb 1868Alice 4th c. & 3rd d.John & Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Lower Lane, AshtonCollier21 Dec
2 Feb 1869John 6th c. & 3rd s.George & Mary HOUGHTON of Mill Lane, AshtonFile cutter24 Jan
22 Sep 1872Mary Ellen 5th c. & 4th d.John & Elizabeth HOUGHTON of Haydock Lane, HaydockCollier1 Aug
20 Oct 1872Mary Ann (blank)Lewis & Margaret HOUGHTON of AshtonRailway guard30 Sep
9 Sep 1873Elizabeth HannahJames & Sarah HOUGHTON of HaydockCollier26 Mar 1872

Burials 1806-1844 (PDF, 82 KB)


DateNameCause of DeathAge
30 Dec 1807John HOUGHTON87
21 Feb 1808Henry HOUGHTON59
6 May 1808[Tho]ma[s] son of John & Jane HOUGHTON1
16 May 1808Mary d. of Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON14
19 Nov 1808Philip s. of Samuel & Betty HOUGHTON[-]
4 Apr 1810William HOUGHTON, Parr, s. of Edward & Margaret HOUGHTON; collier Rheumatic fever9
15 Apr 1811Martha HOUGHTON, Ashton, d. of Henry & Ellen HOUGHTON; CollierFever4
8 Aug 1811Edward HOUGHTON s. of William & Mary HOUGHTON, Ashton; weaverConvulsions inwardlyInf.
16 Aug 1812Joseph [Birchal]l s. of Zachariah & Esther [Birchal]l, Ashton; collierFever4
15 Jan 1815Sarah HOUGHTON w. of George HOUGHTON, Ashton; shoemakerChild-bed31
22 Jan 1816William HOUGHTON s. of [W]illia[m] & Mary HOUGHTON, Ashton; weaverConvulsionsInf.
3 May 1816Margaret FLETCHER illeg d. of Nicholas & Betty HOUGHTON, Bolton-le-moors; husbandmanBurn'd to death22
22 Oct 1816Jane HOUGHTON w, of John HOUGHTON, Sutton; collierConsumption36
18 Oct 1820Thomas HOUGHTON, Ashton; collierKill'd in the coalmine40
19 Nov 1820Ann BIRCHALL d. of Zachary & Esther BIRCHALL, Ashton; farmerConvulsionsInf.
9 Mar 1821Jane HOUGHTON d. of John HOUGHTON, Sutton; collierAccidental death5
19 Dec 1821James HOUGHTON s. of Samuel & Betty HOUGHTON, Ashton; weaverWater in the head16
9 Oct 1822Catherine HOUGHTON w. of William HOUGHTON, Haydock; collierChild bed34
23 Oct 1822William HOUGHTON s. of William & Catherine HOUGHTON, Haydock; collierConvulsionsInf.
9 Mar 1823John HOUGHTON s. of Henry & Betty HOUGHTON, St Helens; collierCroop2
17 Dec 1823Elizabeth HOUGHTON w. Henry HOUGHTON, St Helens; collierFever in the brain28
16 Dec 1824Hannah HOUGHTON w. of Bancks HOUGHTON, St Helens; collierNatural decay70
6 Jun 1827Ellen HOUGHTON d. of William & Ellen HOUGHTON, Wigan; husbandmanSmallpox3
30 Apr 1829James HOUGHTON s. of Banks & Mary HOUGHTON, St Helens; labourerTyphus fever15
16 Jun 1831George HOUGHTON illeg. s. of Jane HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonCroop1
18 Jun 1831Mary HOUGHTON w. of William HOUGHTON of Lodge Lane, AshtonTyphus fever55
5 Feb 1832Anne HOUGHTON d. of John & Anne HOUGHTON, Ravenhead Colliery in SuttonInflammation on the lungs2
19 Oct 1832John HOUGHTON s. of Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON, Strange Lane, AshtonInflammation of the lungs2
21 Oct 1832John HOUGHTON, Edge Green Lane, Ashton; weaverInflammation of the bowels64
30 Apr 1834Mary HOUGHTON, Seneley Green, Ashton; spinsterDecline45
21 Oct 1834Banks HOUGHTON, Ravenhead Colliery in Sutton; collierDecline79
13 Feb 1836Ellen HOUGHTON, Seneley Green, Ashton; widowDecline78
15 (15) May 1838Mary HOUGHTON, School Lane, Ashton; widowOld Age93
9 (7) Mar 1840Alice HOUGHTON, Seneley Green, Ashton; spinsterRupture60
30 (28) Jun 1841Nancy HOUGHTON d. of William & Mary HOUGHTON, Seneley Green, AshtonSt Anthony's Fire4 months
16 (13) Aug 1843Elisabeth HOUGHTON w. of Thomas HOUGHTON, Platt Bridge, HindleyDecline21
17 (14) Aug 1843Henery HOUGHTON, Clipsley Row, Haydock; collierDecline48
7 (3) Oct 1843Ellen HOUGHTON d. of Thomas & Martha HOUGHTON, Seneley Green, AshtonMeasles2

Notes on burials:

1. From 1838 on, the date of death is also given and recorded after the date of burial in parentheses, without a month.

2. An entry such as [W]illia[m] indicates that the Bishop’s Transcript has Wm and the Parish Register has William, whereas W[illia]m indicates that the BT has William and the Parish Register has Wm.

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