Newton le Willows

The Register of St Peter’s, Newton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire


Transcribed and edited by Kenneth R. Taylor and published by the Lancashire Parish Register Society (Vol 151) ISBN 1 85445 145 6

Entries in square brackets are differences noted in the Bishop’s Transcripts.

Note: I abbbreviated HOUGHTON to H. for the baptism transcriptions.

Baptisms 1735-1837 (PDF, 73 KB)


22 Aug 1736Roberts. of Robert & Martha H. of Newton16 AugPd.
8 May 1737Aliced. of William H. of Haddock1 MayHaydock?
20 Mar 1742W[illia]ms. of John & Elizabeth H. of Newton3 MarPd.
26 Oct 1744Maryd. of John & Mary H. of Newton14 OctPd.
21 May 1745Janed. of John H.3 AprPd.
7 Nov 1746Annd. of John & Mary H.25 Oct
19 Feb 1747Ellin [Ellen]d. of John & Eilizth H.14 Feb
17 Feb 1748Eliz[abe]thd. of John & Mary H.28 Jan
30 Aug 1749Ales [Alice]d. of Thomas & Ann H.15 Aug
18 Nov 1750Jamess. of Thomas & Mary H.31 Oct
21 Jun 1751Annd. of John & Mary H.8 May
25 Jul 1754Janed. of John & May (sic) H.7 Jul
3 Nov 1754Thomass. of John & Elizth. H.21 Oct
2 Feb 1755Josephs. of Thomas & Mary H.12 Jan
12 Sep 1756Josephs. of Wm. GUEST, Bedford & Ann H., Haddock26 AugReference to father omitted in BT
8 Oct 1756Johns. of Thomas & Jane H.18 Sep
9 Jan 1757Joseph [Thomas]s. of Thomas & Ann H.17 DecOne of the BT copies gives Thomas not Joseph
21 July 1758Sarahd. of John & Mary H.9 Jul
1 Oct 1758Williams. of Tho[ma]s & Jane HORTYSON (?) [HOUGHTON]14 Sep
26 Nov 1758Johns. of John & Elizth. H.14 Nov
14 Dec 1759JaneThe supposed d. of Robert H. junr & Elizth. HOWARD [base s (sic) of Elizabeth HOWARD]26 Novreference to father not in BT
28 Sep 1760Annd. of John HART & Ellin H., base born12 Sepreference to father not in BT
23 [2] Mar 1761Jn.s. of Jn. & Elisabeth H.25 [5] Feb
20 Sep 1761Annthe supposed d. of James GORSE & Jane H.4 Sepreference to father not in BT
27 Apr 1766Margt.d. of Robt. & Nancy H.5 AprNot churched here
15 Feb 1767Maryye suppos'd d. of Christopher DUGDEN & Ellin H.2 Febmother's name not in BT
6 Dec 1767Henrys. of W[illia]m & Ann H15 NovPd.
31 Jul 1768Annd. of Robt. & Nancy H.13 JulPd.
20 Aug 1769Georges. of John & Jane H.2 AugPd.
3 Dec 1769Johns. of Ann MA[L]KIN, the supposed father is Jn. H. of Haydock, base born4 Novreference to father not in BT
21 Oct 1770Ellind. Wm. & Ann H.11 OctPd.
7 Apr 1771W[illia]m & Marthas. & d. of Robt. & Nancy H.28 MarPd.
25 Nov 1772Robt.s. of Jn. & Jane H.23 Oct
18 Apr 1773Jamess. of Robt. & Nancy H.21 MarPd. Birth date not in BT
11 Jul 1773Bettyd. of Wm. & Ann H.17 JunPd.
15 Jan 1775Jamess. of Jn. & Jane H.26 Dec 1774Pd.
4 Jan 1776Tho[ma]ss. of Wm. & Ann H.14 DecPd.
15 Mar 1776Thos.s. of James & Ann H.18 FebPd.
8 Aug 1777Nancyd. of Robt. & Nancy H.20 JulPd.
26 Apr 1778Maryd. of Jn. & Ellin H.12 AprPd. Entry not in the BT
30 Dec 1778Han[n]ahd. of Wm. & Hanah H.30 NovPd.
nd Jul 1779J[oh]ns. of Thos. & Jane H.3 JulPd. (follows entry for 23 Jul)
20 Aug 1780Alice Roberts [Alice only]d. of Robt. & Nancy H.12 JulChuchd at Winwick
29 Oct 1780Janed. of J[oh]n & Ellin H.5 OctPd.
18 Jul 1784J[oh]ns. Thos. & Jane H.27 JunPd.
21 Nov 1784Ellin [Ellen]d. J[oh]n & Ellin H.8 Nov
22 May 1785[Mary]d. of Hannah H. The supposed father is James BRINET4 Mayreference to father not in BT
3 Jan 1787Janed. of George & Martha H.3 JanPd. bapd. same day
15 Jul 1787Wm.s. of Ellin HILL, Thos. H. father23 Junreference to father not in BT
2 [8] Dec 1787Jn.s. of Jn. & Ellin H.13 NovPd.
17 Feb 1788Lydiad. of Geo[rge] & Martha H.25 JanPd.
15 Mar 1789J[oh]ns. of Hannah H. The supposed father is James BIRCH of Winwick15 Febreference to father not in BT
3 Nov 1789Wm.s. of Thos. & Jane H.7 AugNot paid
27 Dec 1789Hannahd. of George & Martha H.7 DecPd.
26 Jun 1791Wm.s. of Wm. & Margt. H. of Haydock12 JunPd.
10 Oct 1791Maryd. of Geo[rge] & Martha H.18 SepPd.
13 Nov 1791J[oh]ns. of Hannah H. The supposed father is James BIRCH of Winwick6 Octreference to father not in BT
31 Mar 1793Richards. of Jn. & Ellin H.11 MarPd.
28 Apr 1793Wm.s. of George & Martha H.9 AprPd.
22 Jun 1794Barbaryd. of J[oh]n & Mary H.2 JunPd.
3 May 1795Cath[a]rined. of Geo. & Martha H.10 AprPd.
14 Feb 1796Annd. John & Mary H.4 FebPd.
2 Apr 1797Aliced. Mary WILLIAMSON, the supposed father is Wm. H.12 Marreference to father not in BT
9 Apr 1797Cath[a]rined. Jn. & Ellin H.15 MarPd.
25 Jun 1797Bettyd. of George & Martha H.1 JunPd.
2 Feb 1798Jn.s. Wm. & Margt. H.24 JanPd.
7 Mar 1798Maryd. Jn. & Mary H.2 MarPd.
5 Jan 1800Lidia HOUGHTON [Lydia HOUGHTON]d. Betty H. The supposed father is Henry SWIFT6 Dec 1799reference to father not in BT
2 Mar 1800Roberts. of George & Martha H.12 FebPd.
23 Mar 1800Annd. of Ann HAZLEDEN [HASLEDEN] The supposed father is Thomas H.15 Marreference to father not in BT
20 Apr 1800Henery [Henry]s. J[oh]n & Mary H.18 FebPd.
17 Oct 1802Johns. of George & Martha H.21 SepPd.
13 Feb 1803Marthad. of John & Mary H.23 JanPd.
6 May 1804Georges. of George & Martha H.16 AprPd.
10 Nov 1805Jamess. of Ellin H. The supposed father is Vinea TURTON19 Oct
7 Dec 1806Mattey [Matty]d. George & Mattey [Matty] H.13 NovPd.
8 Feb 1807Cath[a]rined. of Jane H. The supposed father is John GREENOUGH25 Jan
12 Jun 1808Ja[me]ss. of J[oh]n & Mary H.17 May
1 May 1809Rob[er]ts. of Tho[ma]s & Ellin [Ellen] H.9 Jan
1 Oct 1809Nancyd. of Geo[rge] & Matty H.10 Aug
5 May 1811Maryd. Tho[ma]s & Betty H.14 Apr
22 Sep 1811Johns. of J[oh]n & Mary H.28 Aug
1 May 1814Hannahd. of William & Ann HAUGHTON of WinwickWeaver31 Mar
8 Oct 1815Georges. of William & Ann H. of WarringtonWeaver7 Sep
13 Oct 1816Bettyd. of John & Mary H. of NewtonWeaver14 Sep
7 Dec 1817Henrys. of William & Anne H. of WinwickWeaver12 Nov
16 Jun 1822Pauls. of William & Ann H. of WarringtonWeaver18 Apr
28 Mar 1824Jamess. of Robert & Margaret H. of NewtonWeaver23 Oct 1823
5 Sep 1824Maryd. of William & Ann H. of WarringtonWeaver25 Mar
20 May 1827Maryd. John & Ellen H. of HaydockCollier3 Apr
30 Sep 1827Thomass. of James & Alice H. of NewtonWeaver15 May
19 Jan 1828Williams. of Robert & Margaret H. of WarringtonWeaver2 Sep 1826
18 May 1828Mattyd. William & Ann H. of NewtonWeaver27 Mar
12 Jul 1829Jamess. of John & Ellen NOUGHTON [HOUGHTON] of HaydockCollier15 Jun
11 Oct 1829Johns. of James & Alice H. of NewtonWeaver20 Jul
12 Dec 1830Williams. of Anne H. of Newton, spinster5 Sep
20 Feb 1831Georges. of Robert & Margaret H. of WarringtonWeaver31 Oct 1830
5 Aug 1832Maryd. of James & Alice H. of NewtonLabourer20 May
17 Mar 1833Jamess. of George & Alice H. of NewtonWeaver11 Nov 1832
25 Aug 1833Elizabethd. of James & Catherine H. of NewtonLabourer7 Aug
24 Nov 1833Janed. of Robert & Margaret H. of WarringtonWeaver21 Oct
24 Aug 1834Jamess. of James & Alice H. of NewtonLabourer25 Jun
1 Feb 1835Maryd. of James & Catherine H. of NewtonLabourer17 Jan
15 Nov 1835Georges. of George & Alice H. of NewtonLabourer21 Apr 1834
24 Apr 1836Johns. of James & Mary H. of WinwickLabourer14 Mar
31 Jul 1836Williams. of James & Alice H. of NewtonLabourer14 Jun
25 Jun 1837Henrys. of George & Alice H. of NewtonLabourer13 Jan 1836

Marriages 1735-1754 (PDF, 63 KB)


DatePersons married
9 Oct 1747John HOUGHTON & Easther [Easter] HILL, mar. (He pd. Winwick fees when he had ye (an illegible word, probably licence. Not in the BT)


Burials 1735-1837 (PDF, 65 KB)


23 Aug 1737Elizabeth, child Jn. HOUGHTON of Newton, interred at Newton Chapel in ye yoard on ye south side
13 Apr 1741Jane HOUGHTON of Newton
4 Jul 1762a child of Jane HOUGHTON's
23 Nov 1766Jn. HOUGHTON's child. Pd.
6 Nov 1777Thos. s James HOUGHTON. Pd.
7 Oct 1786Mary a child of Han[n]ah HOUGHTON. Pd. the town
28 Jul 1789James HOUGHTON. Pd.
31 Mar 1791a child of Hannah HOUGHTON. Pd.
12 Jul 1795Jane w J[oh]n HOUGHTON. Pd.
6 Oct 1798a child of Jn. HOUGHTON, tanner. Pd.
17 Jan 1799Mary d Jn. HOUGHTON, tanner. Pd.
29 Jan 1799Jn. s Hannah HOUGHTON, Pd.
4 Nov 1800Jn. HOUGHTON, Blew Bell.
3 Mar 1805James HOUGHTON, carter
[16 Feb 1812]a child of Tho[ma]s HOUGHTON's00
29 May 1814Jane HOUGHTON [HAUGHTON] of Newton33
18 Oct 1814Martha HOUGHTON [HAUGHTON] of Newton46
19 Feb 1817Thomas HOUGHTON of Newton42
11 Apr 1818Martha HOUGHTON of Newton15
27 Apr 1820Margaret HOUGHTON of Newton13
28 Apr 1820Thomas HOUGHTON (no place given)24
9 Jun 1820William HOUGHTON of Warringtoninfant
12 Jan 1822John HOUGHTON of Newton65
20 Sep 1825William HOUGHTON of Newtoninfant
9 Jul 1827Ellen HOUGHTON of Newton82
6 Jul 1829John HOUGHTON of Newton42
17 Apr 1831Squire HOUGHTON of Newton1
4 Jun 1831Hannah HOUGHTON of Newton51
19 Oct 1832William HOUGHTON of Newton42
5 Aug 1834Betty HOUGHTON of Newton17
1 Jan 1835Ellen HOUGHTON of Newton83

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