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In preparation for closing down my old family history site I’ve now transferred some of the material hosted there to this site. This comprises several pages dedicated to notable Houghtons, namely the de Ho(u)ghtons of Hoghton Tower, Stanley Houghton the Lancashire playwright, Samuel Houghton, the England, Cheshire and Runcorn rugby football player and Rev. John Houghton, one of the “Martyrs of Golbanti”.

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  1. Dear John,

    I have read your page relating to the playwright William Stanley Houghton (20 February 1881 – 11 December 1913), with great interest.

    Given the fame and prominence of Hindle Wakes, many people over the years have expressed surprise that a blue plaque has not been erect to his memory at 1 Amy Villas, Doveston Road, Ashton-upon-Mersey, Sale.

    May I ask, do you know if this has ever been considered and also your thoughts on such.

    Also you may be aware of this other grave in the Sale (Brooklands) Cemetery in this Parish, which is not far from the grave you have mentioned.

    Grave reference Section G, Number 1180

    George Houghton
    Burial date
    25 February 1911
    57 Years

    Amelia Houghton
    Burial date
    07 September 1910
    57 Years

    William Chadwick Houghton
    Burial date
    17 February 1903
    21 Years

    James L. Houghton
    Burial date
    05 May 1879
    14 Days

    I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards


    Michael J. Riley
    Parish Archivist
    for St. Paul’s Parish Church
    Springfield Road, Sale, Cheshire.

    Tel: 0161-969-2795 / 07855-406-422

    1. Michael,

      Many thanks for the information relating to the second grave in Brooklands cemetery, of which I was unaware. I’ll update my page with the details as soon as I’ve followed up the persons listed.

      As to your comment regarding the (lack of a) blue plaque to commemorate Stanley, never having been local to the Sale area I can’t say that I’ve ever considered the matter, although it would seem to be an oversight.

      Once again, I’m grateful for your getting in touch and sharing the information with me.

      Regards, John

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